2018: CRDI Workshop on Case Studies in Drug Discovery & Development in TBSI

On Tuesday 13 March a workshop was organised in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute in Dublin with participants of the CRDI online module ‘’Case Studies in Drug Discovery & Development’.

The workshop complemented the online material that participants had previously accessed via the CRDI Moodle online platform. Attendees, Prof David Brayden (UCD) and Dr Julie Kelly (TCD) critiqued a research paper describing neuropharmacological evaluation of a first-in-class thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH)-based compound during an interactive session.

CRDI is coordinating expertise across its partner academic institutions and beyond to develop and deliver resources for research training. Development of one such resource, e-Learning, is a current priority area for CRDI. The Case Studies in Drug Discovery & Development, coordinated by Prof David Brayden (UCD), introduces the concepts involved in the drug discovery and development process in the pharmaceutical industry and provides case studies of both small molecule and biotech molecule development from discovery to market.

Further details on this CRDI online course can be found here